About Me

         Hi!!!  Welcome to my blog!! I am Sunita, basically from a small place from North Karnataka. My mom is from Maharashtra and Dad is from Karnataka so I am brought up in a mixed cultured family. I am grown up in hostel from since I was 10 years old, I used go to my native only during the holiday season, so never got a chance to enter / prepare anything in the kitchen. I just remember I used to prepare Maggie with my roomies (Deepa, Gouri, Prema, Pushpa, Mangala and Pratima :) ) when I was in Belgaum hostel pursuing my degree.
         After my engineering I got a job and I had to move to Mangalore. I stayed there with 5 of my roomies (Roopa, Shweta,Anicia, Kshama, Nivedita :) ), it was then I developed a spark for cooking. Everyone used to praise me for the chapatis and I was named “Chapati Amma” and was famous for my Brinjal sabzi, but we hardly used to prepare chapatis, we just lived on sambar and rice! due to the hectic schedule and our diet plans :)
     After marriage I had to shift to Bangalore, It was me alone who had to manage the whole kitchen! I started calling my mom and ask about every recipe. It was a daily routine for me.  It was then I thought why not make a note of all these recipes which would be handy for me to refer whenever needed and hence came up with this blog!!
       I love food!!! there is nothing which I hate in veg! I keep trying some or the other recipes with the ingredients that I have in my kitchen. I learn from my mother, my sister, TV shows, internet and try new things in my kitchen. Now I am a proud mother of 2 yrs old cute son (Vihaan), he is grown up now and does not trouble his mumma much . I get some free time in between which I use for this blog
     The recipes I have listed in the blog are self-tried in my kitchen and well tested  and tasted as well ;) The pictures are either clicked from my Galaxy Grand mobile / a camera that we have in our house  Nikon L120). First I am listing the basic recipes that are needed to survive! ,most of the recipes listed are either Maharashtrian / uttara karnataka recipes.  Hope you try them, like them. Feel free to ask me any queries that you have to this ID – sunitaseasycooking@gmail.com, will try to help you with whatever I know .You also have the option to share the recipes you like in your favorite social media sites
 Happy Cooking!! Happy Blogging!!


  1. Nice and clean recipes Sunita. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hey Sunita, you have a wonderful blog and lovely recipes

  3. Hi Sunita,

    Definitely, I would prefer to refer your blog as and when needed...The way you explain preparation method is self explanatory.btw, Ajit is also a good cook, his chapatis were in demand during our bachelor-ship :)


    1. Thank you so much Shrishal for your kind words :) Hmm I know, he only tells but never prepares :P